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shot it the other day, it only weighed in at 110... it looked bigger out in the field. half of its gunna be made into jerkey, except for the back straps and some other steaks.

heres a random pic of my blazer with the different rims and tires on it.

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I didn't know what this was when I clicked on it. That's pretty gross
Geez, I've got rats in the alley behind my house bigger than that little thing!

j/k, good kill, send me some jerky!
On 2005-12-06 12:41, DeerHunter wrote:
is that inside your house?!

:withstupid: You know your a ******* when... :flipoff:

Congrats on the deer.
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congrats on the oven stuffer. that neck meat will make some good BBQ.
look like some good meat
nice kill :bigthumb:

no its not inside my house, im not THAT *******... its out in the garage. the chair is for my dog. and we have a lot of stuff stored in there for the winter.

it was stupid shooting at it, we will only get about 30 pounds of meat now... :cuss:
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