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Your inner squirrel

3053 Views 51 Replies 50 Participants Last post by  85burbanator find your inner squirrel name. :rotfl: when I put my real name it says my name is General Fluffycheeks. When I put in chicnbronco it says my name is Scampy Fluffycheeks lol :rotfl: So tell us what yours is and don't forget to be a true squirrel you must always remember to protect your nuts hahaha. :bigthumb:
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lmfao i got Twitchy Dances with Chipmunks. :rotfl:
when I enter my real name I am

Private Honeynuts

When I enter XJ/YJSlade I am

Private Fluffyfart
Real name......Pope Out of Their Tree

Screen Name...Arch Bishop Acorn Short of An Oaktree
I am Primeminster McNutt

Glenshadow... aka Doctor Von Bushy

Real name: Pope Curlyarse :D:
Fluffy Crazy Whiskers

ok, i do have fluffy wiskers :D:

hieneken49 = Scratchy Honeynuts
hmmm missing a r in the honey
Sergeant Acorn Short of An Oaktree
real name: pope drunkenpaws
halo216: sergeant bushytail
i got primenister o'nutty
Arch Bishop Bushkisser
so much for being PC. lol
hmm, Professor Dangleberry, interesting...
real name= major nuttykins
buckshot83=lord fluffyfarts
real name= General O'Nutty
DodgeBoy= Twitchy Crazy Whiskers = Doctor Nutless

real name= Sergeant McBushy
s/n= Corporal Acorn Short of An Oaktree
full name= Professor Dances with Chipmunks

George Bush= Professor Bignuts
I put my name in and got "Fluffy Bignuts" hahahahhahaha :rotfl:
Real name: Primeminster Von Bushy
Screen name: Prince McTwitch
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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