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yota oil pan....

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ok so i bought an aluminum oil pan cause my other one is to the point of rusting out, and i was going to put it on my 87 22re... the guy said it came off a 79 22r and i thought the years were interchangeable... well the bolts line up the gasket lines up good... but the oil pickup hits the bottom of the pan... the damn pan needs to be deeper... so i was wondering if an oil pickup from a 79 would work without hitting the crank or causeing any other problems??? :wall:
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Is the pan off a 2 or 4 wheel drive? The 4 wheel drive pans are deeper than the 2 wheel drive and hold more oil than the 2 wheel drive ones.
You could take your newer pan to a welding shop experienced in welding aluminum and have them cut part out and weld in a new piece to make it slightly deeper. Unless you can weld aluminum..
no i think i am going to try to see if a 79 20r oil pickup will work...
As long as it is from a 4 wheel drive it should work. I am using one from a 79 on my 82 and it bolted on with no problems.
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