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Xmas ideas...

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Alright.. i need a lil help for xmas. people are asking me what i want for xmas... i honestly have no clue. i dont want anyone spending a lot of money on me at all but they insist on buying me sumthing.. What would be some good ideas for presents for wheeling that would help me out? i already have towstraps/fire extingushers/d rings.. maybe a high lift? any ideas? any good tools to have for a k5 blazer? basically under like 60-70bucks..
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A spotlight, a mag light, a pintle hitch, army shovel, hi-lift jack. :dunno::
giftcards always work... thats what i get for people i dont know what to get them...
"sumthing" Hah how about hooked on phonics? :bigthumb: :flipoff:
heres an idea...

tell them that you are going to take the $60-$70 that you were going to spend on them and spend it on yourself, and that they should take their $60-$70 and spend it on themselves.

i never seen the point of giving gifts for christmas.
:withstupid: if your wheeling the rig ,spotlights,/foglights,/flashlights/membership into AAA for towing purposes,new batteries if its needed,,gift certificates to the local part stores :D:
$60 / $11.95 = 5 - 30 packs of busch light from walmart
5'7" brunette with nothing but a cherry on it.
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