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xbox 360

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Anyone going to be getting one this week?
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yeah i got a couple on order...sellin them on ebay :):
oh hell yes! cant wait! also gonna pick PDZ with it. :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
I'm hoping to get one this week. I'm not going out of my way to make sure I get one (like stand in line at midnight), but I'll stop at a few stores.
I was originally planning to but didn't get one preorderd so decided to just wait intead of camping out a store. I figured I'd wait for the second realease until they get the bugs worked out.
I still play my N64, and Red Alert on my PC. You guys are nerds. :D:
I'm leary of them, and I wasn't even planning on getting one.

Local Wally Hell got one in for display purposes, after 2 days if FRIED!

Was in there tonight though and they have one up and going again! Call of Duty 2 ROCKS! :bigthumb:
Im waiting until spring when the Playstation 3 comes out. I have an Xbox and PS2 now and the Xbox pretty much never gets used.
i have a xbox right now and love it, but i don't play games very much so i'll just wait 2-3 years for it to come down in price and i might check it out.

since the xbox 360 is coming out, i don't know this christmas you might be able to get a xbox for $150, i don't know though
I bought my halo editon xbox for 150 like 2 years ago? they have been 150 for awhile new here
People are selling xbox 360 emails on ebay making itl ook liek the system for like 4-600 bucks people are dumb lol
here you can't get them any cheaper than $200
I never ahd an xbox, btu would only want if for Halo / call to duty type 1st person shooters..

I think I will wait for PS3.. I am still addicted to SOCOM III on PS2 right nwo!!!
I'm only in it for x box live best thing ever made.
I hope Angie can get me one, but I doubt it will happen due to supplies... sucks they didnt make enough for more than one freakin release... hope no one gets a DOA box, that would really suck, as you would have to wait for freakin ever to get another one.
I got mine :bigthumb: now to figure out how to call off work lol
Last night I went to walmart to get the new "True Crimes of New York City" for PS2. Btw it is awesome, kinda the line of "Grand Theft Auto" but only your a cop. Anyway there was already a huge line at 8pm. Walmart clerk said they got 29 in and there will be some pissed of people. I wanted to go back at midnight to see a big riot. :bigthumb:
You {expletive}ies need to quit wasting your money on video games on buy something usefull for your trucks. :twak: :slap: :poke: :kicknuts:
I stopped at best buy last night around 4:30pm, and there were aleady about 6-8 people waiting in line. That store was opening early for the Xbox 360 release... but not until like 5 or 7am. CRAZY! :shock:
you guys are all nuts payin so much freakin money for that {expletive} when in 6 months its gonna be half price.
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