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wood working tips/instructions found online?

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Just wondering if in all of your infinate knowlegde of the web there are some sites which give instructions, tips, ect. on building things around the home outta wood.. Things like cabinets, bars, shelves, ect... I have found a few, but they wanted me to give them some e-money for blueprints or something.
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Do you know how to build stuff out of wood? Or are you just asking for some plans and ideas?

I try to make my own plans for everything I make. Just seems to be easier and cheaper than already sketched out plans. My biggest project to date is my oak gun cabinet. I messed around with some ideas and finally decided on a plan, and it turned out damn nice if I don't say so myself.

Try, they have a forum, and the guys on there know what they are talking about.


I know how to build stuff that is functional out of wood, however something to show off such as a bar I really don't know how to build it. Im sure I could slap something together that works, but I want the real deep, rich, look like you see out at "real" bars... Also might save me some money in trial and error...
home depot and lowes have books on that stuff.

bars out of wood that i've made I usually sand and stain, then use a good quality marine epoxy to finish it.
On 2005-11-29 17:44, Rollcage wrote:
home depot and lowes have books on that stuff.
they also have workshops and "how to"s on their website[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccciaddggfkmfkkcgelceffdfgidgmn.0&MID=9876&pos=t08
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