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Winter project begins

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Well, I finally got the garage heated and insulated so I can start my winter projects. After losing a wheel last week it has motivated me to go through the front end. I am doing balljoints, regearing (rear already done), track bar, and 7in skyjacker springs, and new sway bar end links. I have completly removed the front axle. upon removal the track bar was a lot worse than I had suspected and the pitman arm was a tad loose. So it is a good thing I am doing this overhaul. While, the axle out am an going to wire brush it and por15 it as well.

I have checked all the u joints, hub a$$emblies,track bar drop, control arms, and control arm brackets. Is there anything else I should do while everything is apart?

Called to get some new end links for the sway bar and they were $40 a wack. So if anybody running without a swaybar wants to donate to the cause it would be greatly appriecated.

After doing some research it seems thurens trackbar is the way to go, what does everybody think of this product?

Finally anybody interested in some 5in coils?

sorry for the jumble post, I just want to finish this rig up so I can tear into my 78 scout II( my real winter project)

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Yeah, I forgot to mention I have the master install kit to go with the gears.

i will take the coils maybe. are they in good shape?
The coils are in real good shape the powder coating is not faded or peeling at all. I have had them on for a little over a year put maybe at the most 9k on them. Make me an offer if your interested
how about $100 shipped.
Tani 15oo here is a pic of the coils

let me know
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