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why are you building up your truck?

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fun? hobby? goal? why? details!

i'm building mine up because i want to have a badass daily driver. never wanted a rock crawler or trail only rig, not my thing. all of my {expletive} will be streetable and driven to/from trail. otherwise its just not fun for me...

:D: post up!
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for fun, i want people to look at my blazer and say.... WOW, that things huge, or damn that things bad a$$.

since i have a fiancee, its not for the chicks anmore :silly: :rotfl:
cuz im tired of spending money on other pointless doo hickys!

Cuz i like the outdoors, camping, Fishing, and some of hte best spots require some extra fun to get there :bigthumb: IM currently in the process of getting a canoe! :bigthumb:
Cause all the cool kids lift their mall crawlers :flipoff:
Because I'm old and my knees and back can't take the abuse of a dirt bike or quad anymore... :D:
because everyone on this site has influenced me to make it higher, more powerful, and economical. Plus i can't have something stock, it always has to change.
I want to have a cool rig that is a way is part of me and my personality
This is now my hobby. I love the outdoors. My rig is being built for Trail/Rocks
Because next to women, beer and hot wings...

Because somebody has to make all the boys jealous...

Nah,seriously...It's not much fun to walk through a mud pit and once you get the idea that tonka trucks are the norm when you're 3..It sticks.
Mods are more fun than stock!
my f150 as a cool pavement pounder daily driver to pull a trailer with so pretty close to stock as possible, my ranger as a trail riding truck that i can drive too and from the trail and still use as a daily driver and its getting solid axles, s10 as a full built truggy i can rockcrawl, mud run, and do other extreme stuff with getting leafs and solid axles and stripped of pretty much all non-essential sheetmetal.
Keeps me busy, and Ive gotta spend my money on something.
I'd been enamored by big trucks since I was 5...then after lifting mine at 16, I started running trails and it gave me a reason to make it better and more it's just an addiction and a hobby. so then I found another project to build strictly for wheeling and pushed me to build the dodge into more of a tow rig...the rest is history.

Oh and the complimentary sex fits in there nicely somewhere too... :D:
my truck started off as a $500 beater then i got a full time job in high school and now it will never end :D:
im going toward building my truck like spawn said trail rig and DD to an extent of course.
but the plans i have for it change constantly as you learn of new parts and tricks so well see how itgoes.
At first, I wanted a big, loud truck like every other ******* kid in the world. Then I started learning about what I was doing... and after a couple of years, my focus switched from a cool looking truck to a very capable daily driver. After I started running big bias ply Swampers, I knew I needed something else to drive daily so I could build up the truck for offroad only and not rely on it for highway transportation. Now it's a toy... I love working on rigs, so owning a Dodge comes naturally. I always have something to do. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't do anything except spend my money on 4x4's. Now I'm totally engulfed by the offroad sport and I live it and breathe it every single day.
Now the goal for my Dodge is to be the ultimate "go anywhere" Ram, built for "whatever." Rocks, mud, vehicle recovery, emergency a$$istance, "whatever." I want to get in it and know that I can go anywhere I need to go without worry.
The Jeep is just a crawler, built for trails and rocks. I have no intention of putting it on the road so my only focus with it is how it runs in 4 low, I don't care about anything else.
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to go where not many t-100's have.. I have seen some sas'd and tricked out but the plans for the wide body taco (as i call it ) should be able to take me to work and back and if i decide to hit a trail in the mountains or run through a mudhole.. It'll take me to work the next day ...
i have a really really small penis. just thought it'd be nice to have something big. :lookdown:
Because I can't leave well enough alone. If I own it, it gets modified. Because I'm still a child inside, and kids like big trucks. Because I built a big truck like any ******* would want to, then one day decided to actually take it off-road and got hooked instantly. It's noa a hobby, or moreso a passion, and even though there aint {expletive} for trails here, I want the most capable truck around haha.
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