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Whos truck?

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anyone Know whos truck this is? anybody you know?, I found it on another website I was lookin at. I sont know if I like it for sure!, it sure is different. :roll: [img=500x218][/img]
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That is the ugliest POS I have ever seen! Must be from Mexico.... :rotfl:

yall all know yall want it so bad :flipoff:

looks pretty crappy myself :eyecrazy:
I think whoever owns it is a member of TDR.
wheres the tech? :roll: this goes to the OT
Thats just WRONG man, what in the hell where they thinkin
ARe those brackets for a snow plow on the front of it?? If so then I doubt that he is from mexico.
if i drove that i would kick my own a$$ :twak:
Take all the JC Whitney and Acme Truck crap off and I'd drive it, I like the paint job
That's Jim Schooley's !!!


..just kidding have no idea who he is...
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that thing is cool! why u dickheds hatin on it? no 35's??? so what
Is that a mannequin in the passenger seat?? WHOA
On 2005-12-07 16:31, Cowboy_Beta88 wrote:
Take all the JC Whitney and Acme Truck crap off and I'd drive it, I like the paint job

yeah that crap is ghey. take it off and it would be okay :loser:
OH COME ON !!!!!!!

I guess I deserved that moderation though....

You coulda just removed the Real Doll link !
Paint is ok and hood is decent. The stacks and dual cb antennas need to go along with that bug guard and I'm sure several other things then it wouldn't look too bad.
I honestly think, if it was all that color green, had 5" or 6" mitre cuts instead of 4"turnouts and was sittin on 33s or 35s, lose the whips on the mirrors and the chrome bug sheild, switch the doll for a hooker, it would be alright!lol :bigthumb:
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