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who wants to write my paper

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some do a case study on the exxon valdez and make an arguement on how it is a case of white collar crime.
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do your own homework :flipoff:
but i dont want tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
:flipoff: Screw you, I have to do my own and should be doin it instead of screwin around on here. :flipoff:


After you get done how bout sendin me a copy :D: sounds like I could find a use for it.

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lol mine is due at 5 tommrow, i dont see myself doin it tonight, maybee i can get out early from work

20 bucs gets u a copy
haha how much would shipping and handling be on that??

i may need one... hahaha
there is no guarantee of the grade though, and dont come to me when u get expelled for cheating :):
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On 2005-12-07 20:39, hieneken49 wrote:
some do a case study on the exxon valdez and make an arguement on how it is a case of white collar crime.

I work for the big E..
I'd love to see how you come to the conclusion of it being a white collar crime.
I see it as a case of several factors coming together at the right time to cause a catastrophe. I'm not sure it was a crime though. I mean, what laws were broken? Enlighten me.
the guy was wasted out of his mind and not on the bridge where he should've been

i.e. negligence :cuss:
its not like a white collar crime persay like fraud or something, but it is corporate irrisposibility and lack of punishment, the courts just ruled this year on the fines, in the beggining the fines were like nothing. also if they knew that they were gonna be held accountable for billions and billions of dollars of damages they would make dam sure thier captain wasent a freakin drunk and there were more safteys in place. for example thew use of double hull tanker ships which prevent disasters like this. its not that exxon did it by purpose its that the didnt do enough to prevent it.

now someone srtrh that into 6 pages:)
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