Featured Where's all the PS.com old-timers at? It's me...Tunis!

Discussion in 'The Brothel' started by TUNIS, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    fyi she does still live...
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  2. Robert97dodge

    Robert97dodge Well-Known Member

    It is past a certain age requirement they make it exempt now? I am so glad we don't have that mess around here.

  3. JasonB

    JasonB Administrator

    in CA, anything 30 years old or older doesn't need smog
  4. bowtie_guy

    bowtie_guy Well-Known Member

    Nice to see some old timers. I try to check in from time to time. My 98 chev is still in pieces with a dana 60 hanging under the front now. Still lots to go before it drives anywhere.
  5. BlueRam2500

    BlueRam2500 Well-Known Member

    Hey Root, glad to see you're still around here. Was wondering how your truck and you were doing.
  6. WhiteKnight

    WhiteKnight Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you'd consider old timer but I am back! Still remembered my old user name and password. I use to wheel a 2000 1500 single cab, now after YEARS of other hobbies I'm hoping to get back into wheeling with a 99 Cummins.
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  7. Identity Crisis

    Identity Crisis Well-Known Member

    WAZZUP!!! Yeah, I'm still around, bigger than life and twice as ugly. Rockin' a 2013 half ton now with 10" lift and 37's, 4.56's, etc., etc., along with a Sublime '15 Challenger Scat Pack for the on-road adventures. Hope all the old crew is doing well.
  8. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    got my truck back on the street. phase 1.. drive-ability...

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  9. JasonB

    JasonB Administrator

    Nice, back on the road! I do miss the hum of a bad ass tire though. Probably not a daily driver again, but I do miss it!
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  10. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    drove it 65 miles to work... all highway.. 60-70mph.. and yeah.. hum is that what we call it??? i couldnt hear..

    then almost made it all the way home. I clogged the fuel filter with old fuel.. fuel (bashing starts now) was old 6yr old fuel with motor oil mixed in. how else do you get rid of it? 3000 rpms up a highway.. IT WILL BURN...
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  11. A98Wheeler

    A98Wheeler Well-Known Member

    Todays gas is probably less potent.
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  12. CHOGA

    CHOGA Well-Known Member

    Hi all, been a while, just seeing what's going on in here.
  13. Dsertdog56

    Dsertdog56 Well-Known Member

    Yup I guess I'm stopping by for my yearly checkup/in. Still driving my truck daily after 16 years. Pavement sucks, but it's a bit easier on my old joints. My honeys R/T with R&T hogging the shot. 100_0326.JPG
  14. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    yup me as well.. yearly checkup.. my truck just recently is being driven more as this exemption has made it so... however, I have found my limitation on my truck and that is fine. The issue I have is that I was not ready for it. I didn't expect to go out and MUD....

    so I found out later that a truck on 54" boggers buried itself about 5 feet farther, which makes sense as my drivers tire is submerged and my trans/xfer case plate actually got dug into the peanut butter/pottery clay style mud as the entire drivers side went under. I stood there at my belly button depth (I'm 5'10) and took one step back and I couldn't find the bottom.

    with that, I was not prepared for the 5h, 3 trucks and my truck broken part. I am mad, annoyed and ashamed. 2 ford diesels and 1 ford big block pulled me out (like said after 5h!!!)

    I had a strap but did not have my hilift jack and other things with me. I am now on a mission to mount my hi-lift in my truck, mount my spare tire, carry some 2x12x3 or 4' long with bolts in them.. more on that when I do it in a few weeks (finishing up a summer algebra class @ 44 years old LOL)

    but enjoy this...




    this is why the truck broke

    my buddy and his big block ford on 39.5 irocs

    if you want to see high res pics.. my dslr took some nice pics !!! LOL.. go and click the pic and it is a nice large pic..
  15. TUNIS

    TUNIS Well-Known Member


    Glad to see this thread is still alive...
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  16. jprtroy

    jprtroy Well-Known Member

    I'm still kickin! Life, wife, house, and cats caught me!
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  17. TUNIS

    TUNIS Well-Known Member

    maybe we should try and plan a get-together???

    btw, sold the ram. was bummed, wish I could have kept it, but couldn't pass up a steal of a deal. never thought I'd go blue oval, but I did it. picked up a f250 super duty from a current 49er player for dirt cheap!
  18. jprtroy

    jprtroy Well-Known Member

    Gas or diesel? I'm never going back to gas for trucks!
    Started a new job, yesterday, after 17 years (Sad face) but will be getting lots of overtime again, where old job wasn't happening. Will be night shift also again.