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when i drive through even a tiny puddle i lose control

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hey guys, my bro just bought a 97 tj with 4" of lift and 33" bfg a/t. the tires still have a really good amount of tread on them too. when he drives through a puddle, even one thats like 2" deep, while even going like 25-30 mph, he says he like totally loses control of his jeep!! he almost hit 2 mail boxes and a pole on his 10 minute drive home last night and now he wants to sell the jeep!

what do you guys think could be the problem? tires? steering stabilizer?? is has a 3" sj suspension lift and a 1" bl on it. the tires are 33x12.5r15's

please let me know what you guys think it could/might be!!!!!

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wide tires cause more pull, also less backspacing will add to that.
i wouldnt drive through something 2" deep going 25mph!!!! :shock:
I talked to my brother again, and he corrected me. He is not driving through 2 inches of water at 25 mph, He is being pulled toward the puddle very sharply even if he barely hits the edge of the water.
BFG a/ts on a lightweight vehicle... :smash:
Mine does the same thing. I think it's because the short wheel base along with a vehicle only weighing 3600lbs.
On 2005-11-30 13:16, Jeepthis wrote:
Mine does the same thing. I think it's because the short wheel base along with a vehicle only weighing 3600lbs.

That along with teh fact it's on BFG AT's. They don't...guess the word would be, disperse, the water as well as other tires. When I have the BFG's on, it does it bad, but when I swap on my Cooper ST's, it doesn't pull as bad.
aight thanks guys! i will tell my bro and make sure he doesnt sell the jeep cause of it, knowing him, he is stupid, and will sell the jeep because it 'needs' new tires. he has a hard time replacing things that dont need replacing, i love doing it!
Check the alignment. This will also make the jeep get all crazy on slick surfaces :bigthumb:
my bfg all terrains dont like the water either! i hydroplane on small amounts of water... no good but you learn to live w/ it and to avoid water at all costs on the road. :bigthumb:
thanks guys, well he is selling the jeep :slap: he took it of his insurance yesturday and his expo is back on it. o well, it his car he can do what he wants with it, but i really like it and i want it, but i dont have the 10k layin around. :twak:
My buddys tj does the same with 33 brg mts . You hit a puddle and your like so {expletive} theirs a tree lol
Worn steering/suspension components, alignments, shocks, and tires all affect this type of stuff - Modified TJs in general tend to be very poor in their everyday upkeep (especially in the hands of people with no mechanical know how).

Before I had the financial ability to swap out my suspension with aftermarket stuff sturdy enough to hold its alignment - mine would do it really bad as well. Now that I've got the stuff to get the caster where it needs to be, and the provision to set the toe-in where I want it - it barely does it, in fact it 'handles' like a dream on the road (though I still want a LA kit for the smoother ride).
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