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What's your favorite "man food" ?

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Before I get razzed-I know this is not or anything but the reason I am asking here is because I need to make more "man food" meals lol. I know how you men are and you need some solid "man food" to get through the day (usually something that used to have a face :D: )unlike us chicas that can live on rabbit food all the time. I don't mind cooking I just never know what to make. So I decided it might be a little easier if I make like a menu for a couple of weeks at a time. That way all I have to do is look at it and say ok this is what I am making today-not to mention it would make grocery shopping faster too. Soooo please help me (err really Okie- he's the one who has to suffer through my cooking haha) and give me some good ideas by telling me your favorite "man food" :bigthumb:
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meat .... potatoes..... alot of them
Rare steak... mashed potatoes....biscuits....corn....A1
meat and potatoes
Hot wings and Cow tongue burritos.
Anything with steak/corn/potatos.

thought on it alittle

anything deep fat fried
A nice, light, fresh garden salad w/ no dressing, white wine, and strawberry yogurt for dessert.

Err... steak and baked potato, hot wings, fried fish & shrimp, and uh.. other manly foods. :poke:
Wings, Cattle, seafood, BEER...

I kid you not.. beer is a food !
King Ranch casserole :bigthumb:
On 2005-11-29 17:36, Glenshadow wrote:

I kid you not.. beer is a food !
yes I learned that one very fast :D:

So Nick tell me more about this ranch casserole thingy.
Oh when i first read the title all i was thinking was taco bell lol. But yeah um london broil and baked potatos on the grill is a good filler upper :bigthumb: My mom makes this hash stuff? Basically a pot roast she cuts up and then cooks it with chopped up potato's. Cook to through some fried or scrambled eggs on in the morning.
On 2005-11-29 17:42, chicnbronco wrote:
yes I learned that one very fast :D:

So Nick tell me more about this ranch casserole thingy.

Ill have to ask my wife about it. But it has corn tortias, chicken and cheese.
chicken or shrimp stuffed Jalapeños.

take a jalapeño (green part only) put a layer of cream cheese, lay a small chunk (<-- Man size) of chicken, wrap it with bacon, held together with a tooth pick (for later use also), put it on the pit till cream cheese starts to melt.

Served with your choice of Beer (preferable Budweiser<-- man drink) . Cannot server with any other beverage or it will ruin the entire menu.

Edit: we call them Jalapeño poppers
Beef fajitas :bigthumb:
CHILI :bigthumb:
Men basicly only need 2 essential items sex and food. If he doesnt look horny, Fix him a sandwich (beer is not optional). :rotfl: Red chili pork and a pot of beans :cool::
Baby back ribs, steak, fries, wings, and fried shrimp for me.
Slow cooked beef with carrots and potatos, Salad with tomatoes, cheese, black olives and mushrooms. Tall glass of sweet tea.... but not that poison kind from PA :D:

Tacos, sloppy joes (Okie will like those since they have "Joe" in the title :flipoff: ), steak, chicken, pizza, meatloaf, anything BBQ.

I buy a lot of frozen stuff since I'm gone half the week for school so here are some good things to get...

Jeno's "Crisp & Tasty" pizza (about $1 and worth every penny)
Bag of frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Stofer's or Prego frozen lasagna
Eggo frozen waffles
Michaelina's frozen entrees
Texas Toast w/ cheese
Sara Lee frozen pies
Frozen veggies
Rosetta frozen pasta (I like the ravioli and stuffed manicotti)
Stofer's stuffed peppers

That is a good list of frozen man food.
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