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Whats going on with my Dana 60?? UPDATED

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hey all, been awhile-

Having a small issue. I hope.

Looks like everytime I engage my 4x4, my left front tire stays engaged after dis-engaging it, possible? What is going on? My tire is wearing all whacked out on that side too. when I make left turns, the wheel shakes/chops as if im driving with the 4 wheel drive engaged...Only happens when turning left after I disengage the 4x4.
Also when I brake hard it turns to the left by itself....Strange.... Someone help.

Thanks -Jordan
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Sounds to me like the transfer case may not be disengaging. The right wheel wouldn't have an issue because the CAD would unlock. Does it sound and act like it's still in 4WD?
yup. It seams like the damn thing is in 4wd on concrete! anyway to tell? jack it up, see if it the front wheels move?
But even if it wasn't disengaging the traction would go to the side with least resistance which would be the passenger side. Unless there is a locker in there.
no lockers...I think its a hub bearing stuck, but you tell me.. -Jordan
But if the transfer case was engaged but the CAD disengaged, wouldnt all the movement go to the CAD side since the diff is open?

I'd climb under and see if the drifeshaft turns. If the t-case is in 4x4, it won't.
Ya I agree with Brain on this one. Since your front diff is open the force would go to the place of least resistance(CAD Side)

Either way you can check if the T case is engaged.. just craw under and turn the shaft.

Try jacking the truck up see if the hub has any play in it.

OH dude I missed the part on the braking.. Mine did the exact same thing.. and it turned really bad left whenever I hit the brakes. It was the hub.. mine was seriously shot to the point where I could move the top of the wheel at least a inch and a half.

My guess is its the hub.

I'm kinda with Archer on that one. But then again, the diff wouldn't power just that wheel. It would give it some power, but I don't think enough to make it chirp and hop. I could be wrong, though. Does your hub make any funny grinding noises?
On 2005-12-05 19:29, Jason wrote:
Does your hub make any funny grinding noises?

Hub bearings don't always make grinding noises when they go bad...the last two I replaced only got a ton of slop in them, but no grinding as the bearings were still good.

I would say two things...hub is what it sounds like, but it could be the passenger side brake caliper is hung that is causing the steering issue when braking. You may have multiple problems.

True about the hub, but if the brake was hanging, you would think it would do it other than braking, and turning left.
If my brake was sticking wouldnt it squeel, or heat up, I have had a stuck caliper before, and I rebuilt it, and its been fine. -JOrdan
I mean sticking as in NOT WORKING...and if you reread that, I stated the passenger side would be hung up...meaning the driver's side would be doing all the work, and therefore causing a pull and eating tires since it is the only one doing anything.

No, if the brake was not working, it would pull to the right. Not the left. And if it the right was working, it wouldn't cause the tire to chop or shake. It would all be on the right side, but instead, he says it's happening on the left.
Hey Jordan - Runnin' 40's - check those front hub bearings. Jack up the front, grab inside the top of the rim and lift straight up and down. If you feel the slop - buy a new bearing. I just did both fronts. It drives a ton better - it was getting a little sloppy with 2 bad bearings and would make it drive and brake funny sometimes. Good Luck!!!
On 2005-12-06 10:50, Jason wrote:
No, if the brake was not working, it would pull to the right. Not the left. And if it the right was working, it wouldn't cause the tire to chop or shake. It would all be on the right side, but instead, he says it's happening on the left.

Which is why steved said it could be the passenger side caliper malfunctioning.

My two cents are that it is a hub. If it was the 4wd, then the power would be going to the shaft on the passenger side.
finally got a day off. Im going to be checking all of this today. -Jordan
Turned out to be a few things...

1. my troubled drivers side tire was 20PSI low. at 15PSI.
2. The other three were 15PSI low. This explanes alot.
3. X rotated tires and now it rides 100% better. Was shaking like crazy.

checked my hubs, there was no play what so ever in them. I Think that the low air pressure in my tires, expecially the one on the drivers side was causing the wierd tire wear, along with the pulling to the left while brakeing. Checked the calipers to make sure they were not stuck, no issues, both are grabbing. Everything seams great now. Thanks for the advice.
Hey thats awasome... Good to hear you didn't have to spend a bunch to fix it.

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