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I drive an '85 4x4 SR5 regular cab. The only mods would be the 33x12.5's, Ram skull, and street signs. I like Toys better than anything else. I'm loyal because I know that these things are reliable, and will outlast anything else out there.

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my toyota is a 84 regular cab with the following

-10 inches of lift
-35 bfg mud terrians
-sway bar disconnect
-rear lincoln locker
-front lsd
-revolver shackles front and rear
-2 extra crossmembers on frame
-engine stone stock
-lenghtened driveshafts
-fire extinguisher
-roll bar

i dont leave home without
-spare alternator
-both spare driveshafts
-clutch master cyl and clutch slave cylinders
-all electrical underhood componenets
-wiper motor
-full size spare
-ign coil
-spare u-joints
-spare rear axle shaft
-spare hub assembly
-3 repair manuals(toy,chev,and ford)
-enough tools to fix anything above

suspension is 3/4 elliptical with revolvers in rear and front is very soft leaves with 1 inch axle forward and revolvers as well.

also all shocks have been center axle mounted and pointed outward and are stock.

the shocks and sway bar are on quick disconnects for easy removal at trail head

right now in this configuration i have approx.3 feet of tire droop and looking to soften up the rear for more travel.

the e brake cable has been modifies for clearance as well cause i go through alot of brush

next mods include a cage,transfer case doubler,86 and up rear axle(2 inches wider)rear disc(doing them right now)and either engine mods OR a chevy v8 swap(which i have all the mounts and brackets already as do the engine,trans,and both cases.

this is my play toy but also have 3 chev trucks as fair weather drivers and daily drivers
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