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What will swap with a 1986 how about Car motor?

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Hey guys,

I have no clue what will swap in and out of a 1986 F150 with the V8 302 and an Auto tranny. What year trucks/cars/vans will have a motor that will be both compatible with the computer/smog stuff and will bolt up to an auto tranny? We are looking for identical 302 and auto so we don't have to do anything upgrades, he just wants a reliable truck back on the road.

It is a 2wd. I know absolutley nothing about these '80s Fords.

My friend has one thats been sitting for a year or so and would like to get it on the road. But the tranny had slippage problems and the motor smoked like a mosquito fogger. The motor is a no go, but I haven't seen what we might be able to do with the tranny...any advice on the tranny besides the normal checking of stuff?

We are looking for the ease of just swapping something else in rather than the costs of rebuilds.

What are your thoughts? Swap? And what will swap year/model-wise? Rebuild? Anybody got any spare 302s here in VA that run? How about Auto Trannys?
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Do you know what tranny it has? If not, can you describe the gear selector on the dash and the shifter (namely a push button on the handle or not).
I will have to look at it. Right now I am more interested in motors....wondering if we could get one from a car and hook it up or if they are different. Also, are the motors in the f150s the same up through what years????
Do none of you Ford experts have any knowledge at all on a topic as seemingly simple as this? Do I overestimate your knowledge? Or is it genuinely that hard a task to speak of such a common thing as an F150?
Well IIRC, '86 was the first year the 302 (and maybe the 351?)was FI and '95 was the last year for the SD system; '96 was Mass Air. So AFAIK, from 86-95 it'll be a fairly straight forward swap. Personaly I would advise snatching a 5.0 HO (car/Mustang) and dropping it in. It's a little more involved I believed, but I think he'll be much happier with it. Try here: tons and tons of info on what 302s/351s with related electronics will interchange with what kind of work.

Edit: Sorry I can't be of more help I've only learned/owned a 300, no 302 or 351.
'86 was the first year for fuel injection for 5.0/302s in trucks. Any 302 from '87-'96 should swap into that truck. Car engines had different intake manifolds, perhaps obvious, with quite different induction setups.
Ok, so the whole car idea is out of the question....we had thought of that...but didn't know how they differed.

As to a Mustang motor, he is looking to get his DD back on the road so he can sell his expensive '99 Ranger and have a free and clear old Ford that works.

I read the local Trading Post and found a host of motors from late '80s F150s and some with autos.

How reliable are the autos? I personally want to get a new motor swapped in and then see if his tranny is good or not.

What trannys were available? Some say C6 in the ads, others just say 4spd. I am a$$uming this is the OD type? Did they have 3spd autos?

I will know more in a day or two when I go back to his house and can get more specs on it.

The whole thing basically ran, but the motor smoked like it has to go.
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The C6 is a 3spd auto, no OD. Then there is a E4OD and AOD. I think the E4OD equipped truck has the OD symbol on the selector and AOD trucks has a push button on the gear shifter for OD, I may have that backwards. Couldn't tell you which one is better between the AOD and E4OD. :sorry: The C6 on the other hand...very strong transmission, very reliable; if it's old and hasn't been rebuilt the shifts may be a little sloppy, sluggish and quite frankly repulsive.
On 2005-12-12 07:29, SoulSurfer wrote:
'86 was the first year for fuel injection for 5.0/302s in trucks. Any 302 from '87-'96 should swap into that truck. Car engines had different intake manifolds, perhaps obvious, with quite different induction setups.
Not to mention HO (mustang) motors had a different firing order
Come to ohio ill sell you a whole 4x4 f150 that runs for 500
There is tons of F150s for sale for $500 here in VA too. :rotfl:

We have been weighing the options and trying to see if its worth it to buy a running truck and do the transplant or just get the running truck up to snuff and scrap this one. This one is in good shape overall and the running ones usually don't have titles or are wrecked. Either way, we will get something done and have plenty of scrap metal left in the end to sell and make some cash back. :silly:
On 2005-12-12 08:10, Lazarus Project wrote:
The C6 is a 3spd auto, no OD. Then there is a E4OD and AOD. I think the E4OD equipped truck has the OD symbol on the selector and AOD trucks has a push button on the gear shifter for OD, I may have that backwards. Couldn't tell you which one is better between the AOD and E4OD.

Hey, His gear shift selector comes out of the steering column and he just has the standard PRN[D]12

It is a 4 sped with the OD is all I know.
The tranny in that truck would be an AOD.

In late '88 Ford came out with the E4OD, but it was only found, to the best of my recollection, behind 5.8/351Ws in F150s. I think Ford put the E4OD behind 4.9s, 5.0s, 5.8s, 7.5s and 7.3 diesels in F-250s & F-350s of that era, as an option to the C6. I think in '89 or '90 Ford started putting E4ODs behind 302s/5.0s and 4.9s, as an option (trailering package/heavy duty package) in F150s.

The "old" hydraulic AOD will have a P-R-N-D-2-1 pattern. "D" is 3rd and 4th gear...the tranny will decide which gear it wants to be in dependent on the speed of the vehicle/output shaft speed. When I say the tranny will "decide", do not infer that there's anything electronic in an AOD tranny or a's a completely hydraulicly controlled unit. Unlike the GM 200-4R or 700R4, though, there's no shifter provision on an AOD to choose "OD" or "D". The tranny, when in "D" will go 1-2-3-4(overdrive) as I stated, dependent on vehicle speed and how much the accelerator is depressed, via the TV (throttle valve) cable that runs from the engine's carburetor/throttle body to the transmission's valve body. If you want some more info, please feel free to PM me. I've run off on a tangent long enough.

In roughly late '92, Ford ceased production of the AOD in favor of the AOD-E. An AOD-E is very similar in appearance, externally, and shares a lot of the same internal hard parts (drums, gear sets, etc.) with an AOD, but is an electronically controlled unit. A lot of folks who are accustomed to telling an E4OD apart from an AOD in an F150 by the "button on the dash/at the end of the gear shifter to turn off overdrive" might mislabel the transmission in the particular truck if that's all they know. In Broncos and F150s, behind 4.9/300 inline 6s and 5.0/302 V8s, starting roughly in '93, Ford put AOD-Es behind those engines. They have the same shift pattern on the dash (as does the E4OD)...P-R-N-D-2-1...but with this button to turn O/D on and off, you can put the truck in "D" and select whether you want the tranny to go into overdrive or not. If you get in a '93+ F150 and aren't sure what tranny is in it, just look under the truck and look at the size of the tranny pan. An E4OD is a large transmission with a HUGE pan that has a unique "shape" can find photos online to give you a reference. An AOD-E has a pan that is, basically, rectangular.

Ford redesignated these transmissions to 4R70 (AOD-E) and 4R100 (E4OD) in the mid '90s.

As another tidbit of b.s., Ford also made a 4R70W, which is, basically the same tranny as an AOD-E/4R70, but the "W" at the end of that tranny's designation stands for "wide ratio." The 4R70W is/was found only, from the factory, in '94+ Mustangs and '93+ Lincoln Mark VIIIs, to the best of my recollection. The "wide ratio" designation is because instead of having a first and second gear ratio like the AOD/AOD-E/4R70, which are 2.40:1 and 1.47:1, respectively, the 4R70W has 1st and 2nd gear ratios of 2.84:1 and 1.55:1. A lot of Ford Mustang shops/gurus will rebuild AODs (for the older Fox-body '79-'93 cars which never came with the AOD-E/4R70/4R70W transmissions) with the 4R70W gearsets, as the deeper 1st and 2nd gears helps in acceleration.
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I hope you feel really important now that you gave us a bunch of information we probably won't use. :rotfl:

But good to know none the less.

As to finding a motor, he is destitute and so we are going with local stuff. There are literally dozens of F150s from those mid '80s years that they are selling the drivetrains or whole vehicles because they were wrecked, etc for $500 and less. So we won't have to worry about finding a donor unless anyone has one for free laying around! :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

The guy thats been working on his truck is a roommate that is like twice my friends age and some mechanic and works for power company. The guy is pretty ornery and particular and makes it sound like he has done a lot of work when all he has done is disconnect the driveshaft, the sensors and some wires from the tranny and motor....nothing at all substantial. Plus, he doesn't want to work in the cold and since he drug his feet through the summer, I am going to help my friend with this swap. He finally covinced his roommate to let me take over. So as soon as we get the donor stuff, we will just spend a day or two and swap it all over.

I am just tired of my friend getting strung along by his loser roommate.
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Do you feel overwhelmed by my wealth of knowledge in Ford products, Madd? :D:

:roll: , Anywho...

Was just trying to clarify a bit. That '86 would have an AOD. How's that for a simplified answer? Now, if somebody else has a question about these particular vintage Fords and their trannies, they can search for this post. But, mehhh, who uses the search button anymore? It's easier just to post up the same question again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

Well, this post was more of a general "what will work, what do you recommend" type thread for me to get info to help my friend since I know jack about these LD Fords. The whole what type of tranny does it have just kinda of came up in the discussion, otherwise I would have searched. KNowing that it is an AOD helps a lot Deuce, thanks! :bigthumb:

Again, any '87+ 302/5.0 should work. As referenced by King Nothing/jaydubya, I think, the High Output (HO 5.0) engines found in the Mustangs, Lincoln Mark VIIs, and cop Crown Vics use a 351W firing order. The standard output 5.0s (found in regular Crown Vics, Grand Marquises, Towncars, T-birds, trucks, vans, etc.) use the "standard" 302 firing order. For simplicity, I'd just try to find an '87-'96 truck that's been smashed, er something, and get the whole engine a$$embly (from throttle body to oil pan) out of it, if possible and if the money's right.
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