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What upgrade is next!!!!!

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With all of the Upgrades that all of us do with our Dodge Cummins trucks, One might ask "Why didnt they build it right the first time and Then I would not be shelling out more $$$$ to keep our Baby on the road.
Well honestly It all comes down to the engineers that come up being the lowest bidder I think But anyway back to the subject at hand.
Back in Feb 2005 I bought(The Bank bought) a 1999 Dodge cummins and it already had some Modifications on it but I increased them gradually and listed below is all that I am aware that has been done.
3 cluster Pillar, EG, Boost, FP, and single pillar on column trans temp.
It came with a edge EZ series Performance Module but it went to the Edge as a but back program to upgrade to the Edge Comp, a 5 Stage Module that is the Bomb!
Well the module increased the power as you can Imagine, Which was nice until the day that the truck would not go into reverse. You guessed it time for a tranny, So I went up a couple levels and got the strongest tranny I could afford through a Local shop in Pocatello, Idaho "Todd's Automotive"
The Billet torque Convertor was just under 600.00 But trust me do not put a stock one in with such a dramatic increase in power you will be Back in the shop by the end of the day and be doing this
Then came the Issue of low Fuel Pressure so there was a replacement as well With a BD Lift Pump Now my gauge shows double of what I hade before.

So now I have a lot more power but there is another problem. It is nice being able to go go go ...Now you need to stop! stop! stop! After my brakes smoked a couple of times from having to lockem up to stop from a very Rapid acceleration, It was back to Todd's Automotive. Now it was time for ceramic brakes. So now stopping power is great without the smoke coming from the front rotors.
Then there was the Cam gear seal on top of the motor I think it had something to do with the power stearing cam thinga - majiggy well what ever it was cost another 600.00 But I understand all dodges have this issue(Basically just an oil leak)

Now most recently on 11-16-05 I had a 5 inch lift put on and found out that my track bar is shot!
So that will be replaced Monday hopefully.
I have read up on a company that makes a Product that I would like to get some feedback from you readers if possible. Pier diesel research Inc. There D.S.S. track bar retrofit kit will make the steering wonder issue go away....Does anyone know if this has been proven? The whole kit is less than 200.00 Shipped from Canada anyway I will add more later as I get more familiar with this site.
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I would go with a thuren trac bar since you have a lift. Thats the only one i would recommend. just search for it and you will read tons of info on it. Sounds like ya got a nice cummins though! to bad your have a lot of trouble outta your auto but you just gota build em bulletproof and they will hold! welcome to the site as well! :bigthumb:
How do you get more red bars on the page???? :shock:
thanks for the note on the trackbar.....Do you know of a link or a place that sells direct?
Also you are so very right about building them how you want them....thats why I got the 4 year warranty on the Transmission...LOL :naughty:
Also would you happen to know of a Replacement fog light set for these that is a bunch brighter?
I would like to get something under 100.00 and fit in the Stock round holes in the air Dam.
I just put on some Bosch Hologens tonight and wow there a bright yellow that is brighter than my headlights..... :twak:
I will post more pictures when I learn how
got to get enough lighting to take care of the jackrabbit infestation at my fathers place in the sticks.
Easy on the :shock: 's and :twak: 's. Makes things a little to messy. Also welcome to the site!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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