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What the hell is this?

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In my 98 ram when I put the havac panel to heat and have the fan off I am getting smoke coming out of the vents slowly, it looks kida like a lit cigarette, and when I turn it to cold it goes away! Also I recently changed my t-stat and the truck warms up good but produces very little heat if any, anybody know what this is so I can fix it and have heat in my truck when im driving in 11 degree weather in the morning!
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can you smell coolant? maybe heater core are your rugs wet?
Yes I can smell coolant and the rugs do not seem to be wet!
Sounds like a bad heater core. It is located behind the dash (passenger side) and is a son of a bitch to change. May wanna try Bar's Leak and see if that works before you have to yank the dash out. Who knows, you might get lucky there.
heater core! you may as well suck it up and fix it now. it'll happen soon enough anyway. bars leaks may clog something else up and cause more problems. it takes at least a day to do, and it is a pain. but doing it yourself is a lot better than paying $700 to $1000 bucks in labor to someone that doesnt really care about your truck. let me know if you need some tips, i've unfortunately done this a few times.
I'd try a little Bar's Leak first (not a whole a$$ load, but just a little). The heater core swap is a total PITA on the Ram. It takes every bit of a day like was already said. I helped a buddy do it on his '01 and it was terrible. With that said, I can swap one out of an '99 Sonoma in about 2hrs now. My roommate has gone through 3 in his already, and it needs another one again. :cuss:
Isn't there something like getting an air bubble in your cooling system that can cause this thought i read that somewhere before. maybe try taking the radiator cap of when the engine is cold and running it to warm up and watch to see if your coolant level drops as truck warms up add necessary coolant see if that helps.
deweysdodge: if he is smelling coolant, i don't think air bubbles are a concern.
Any chance it could be the water pump, the truck does have about 86,000 miles!
Not the water pump. Unless you can see it leaking or your truck is overheating.
I'm having the same problem as you right now. I'm going to try some stop leak junk to try to hold me through the winter. That film coolant leaves on the windshield is a SOB to clean!
Chizzle: pops always sayz "check the easy stuff first"
I once swapped out a radiator when it was only the overflow bottle that was cracked. Just my $.02

doubt its your t-stat.

i got the 180 degree stat too.

my truck makes decent / acceptable heat after less than 5 minutes, with the low t-stat. just after the temp needle starts going up.

pretty cold up here too.
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