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what rides better

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i wanna get swamper for my next tire, but i don't really know what one will be better for me, i do drive alot on the road (DD) but w/e i get the chance to wheel i'll go. Would a SSR ride better then a TSL radial or the other way around? And witch one would last longer? I got the BFG's right now and theve lasted a long time but i want something more aggressive. And i know a swamper won't last as long as a BFG. Thanks Joel
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I've never owned a TSL, but my SSR's are only slightly rougher than the BFG M/T's I used to have on the truck. So, I'd say they're pretty smooth riding.
I got my 33" trxus m/t's for $132/tire from national tire and wheel. A little out of round, but a few hundred miles and they seem to be riding better. Nice and quiet on the highway, and pretty decent offroad. They cost a bit more (about $180/ea) for 35's, but they seem to be wearing well. Plus they look awesome. Not quite as good as a tsl radial or ssr offroad (so I've heard) but I have yet to get stuck in these and the price can't be beat. Plus they kick a$$ in the snow.
I've had both and the SSRs are smoother. I've never run a TSL rad down to the indicators because they always seem to cup badly no matter how often I rotated them so I cant tell you how many miles they go.
i'll agree that tsl rdls do cup real bad no matter what you do.

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so i'll get the SSR's. Does a 35x12.5 measuere a true 35.
Mine did. 35x12.5r16.5
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