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what lug nuts

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i got a set of rims from my bud for free and i need different lug nuts for it because my stock toyota ones are too wide and dont fit in the hole. i notices that not as much of the lug sticks out as with my stock rims. i know my lug nut size is 12x1.50 but will any lug nuts that size work. i was thinkin some of the open end ones so i dont have to worry about them not being deep enough or being too deep. please let me know, im tryin to get these on soon. thanks.
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carry the rim to the auto parts store and pick some out :roll:

geez, your asking a question about what lug nuts to buy....

I am all for answering newbie question, but this is beyond newbie. Think about it. That was really a silly question to ask.

EDIT: Moved to the newbie forum
Take one of your old lug nuts with you to make sure the threads match.
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