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What gears?

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My buddy has a 89 Bronco with 35x15.5 TSL's. He wants to know what gears he has. Going 65 down the highway he between 3500 and 4000 RPM with non overdrive C-6. We are wondering because his bronco sits higher than normal we got 33's with no lift and no hack. Then with a 3BL we got 35x12.5 no trim and no rub....offroad. And we got his current 35x15.5 with very little trimming.

If you could help up out it will be appreciated.

If you need to know any further info let me know.
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sounds like the 5.71 to 5.89 range on the rpms your turning. jack up the back and put it in neutral. spin the tires and count how many times the tires turn opposed to how many times the driveshaft truns. easy way to get a rough estimate on what your gear ratio is. Or ya can get a little dirty and pull the cover :bigthumb:
Any update on what gears it has?
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