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I am thankful for 73 to 79 ford 4x4 trucks, super swampers, diesel powered trucks, truck pulls, lockers, long arms, solid axle swaps, beer, titties, rocks, mud and, what about you guys.
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My Wife for putting up with me.
my truck, dog, life, my family and the great country we live in
i didnt die when i crashed the car!!
I'm thankful that my body has lived through another year of my stupidity with no major damage.

edit: Oh, and boobies.
women, alcohol, trucks, aftermarket parts :bigthumb:

in no particular order :D:
Our moderators and the outstanding service they provide... :cool::
Ill tell you what I WOULD be thankful for...... IF EVERY ONE OF YOUR THREAD TITLES WASNT IN CAPS
toilet paper, transfer cases, lift kits etc etc...
On 2005-11-23 18:41, DIXIEDIRT wrote:
I am thankful for dodge 4x4 trucks, super swampers, diesel powered trucks, Cummins, truck pulls, lockers, long arms, solid axle swaps, beer, titties, rocks, mud and, what about you guys.

:withstupid: had to modify it a bit though!!! oh and especially my gf for puttin up with me :D:
My family, my wonderful fiance, the ability to be able to enjoy my hobbies (Cummins Trucks & Sled Pulls, & my 79 Chevy), and the freedom to do so provided by the men and women who risk their life fighting for it! :bigthumb:
All of the above!!!!!! But mostly family and my truck. :bigthumb:
I am thankful that I am an American, for my girlfriend (soon to be fiance!), for my family, my real friends, that I can carry a gun almost anywhere I want, freedom, my trucks, my guns, fishing, hunting, 4x4'n, camping, food, lots and lots of food, baseball, beer (because I love it and it makes my living lol), my dogs, my horse, my turtles, my broken watch (gift from my father), the rabbit for still running giving me 40 mpg!,and the hint of a thought that I might catch those fukin soms of bitches that broke into my trucks and stole my stuff... Out of everything that was stolen, and the thing I would be most thankful for was my baseball glove given to me by my grandpa some 17 years ago. It was old and raggady, but it was probably one of my favorite possessions... I guess that I am hopeful that if there is a God, he will give them what they have comin to them.
Short skirts and tall trucks.

Seriously though, everything and everyone that I have, the fact that my life isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things, and the men/women that allow me to live my life the way I do (soldiers, cops, firemen, etc.)
My family and my friends.... and the truck too :D:
im thankful for freedom... and our troops who are fighting against terrorism even over the holidays....
Wife,dog, friends, hunting, offroading, and the United States Military.
For living in ohio and having snow :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
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