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Western Money Order Cancelation?

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Welp I went and got money orders tonight for Rent. Got a total of 3 of them, $300, $300, $274. Checked when I left, and put them on the kitchen table...Left within 5 mins, my roommate was there, came back he was gone a few friends were there. Now I cant point fingers but they were there, but I cant 100% say that.

So after tearing apart the house and even the dumpster we use along with strip searching our friends we were out the $274 Money Order.

Custumer Service at Western Union 1800# does not have a live body to talk to....Superfresh, Where I bought it cant help me til the morning.

What Can I do???? $274 is a big chunk of change to me!

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Sorry to say it, but I don't think there is much you can do tonight. I've worked for a couple of banks and a convenience store that sold money orders and usually there is some way for the place you bought it from to void or something (you will probably be charged the M.O. fee again)- but you said they aren't there until tomorrow. Someone in charge there should still be able to void and give you cash or another money order back tomorrow although it is possible they may just refer you back to the money order company.

When you called the 800 number did it just not give an option for a live person? Most of those numbers there is someone there and you can usually do what we call "pound out" of the system. That is where you keep pushing the pound (#) button until it takes you out of the menu and to a live person. Usually about 3 or 4 times of pushing it. Sometimes you have to "0" out instead of the # button. If you haven't tried it yet- do that.

FYI Usually say if someone snagged/found it and used it in between the time it was gone and the time it is voided/cancelled the company that took it from them would be the one out of luck and stuck with the bill (so to speak). When you go to cash those- usually the person taking it has to call that number and verify that it is not stolen/voided before they accept. They catch quite a few theives that way- kind of nice :D: Hope some of that will help and good luck :bigthumb:
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