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weird elec. question

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ok, ever since i got my truck back its been acting weird. all my dash lights turn on and off, and i can hear a loud clicking...much like it sounds if you turn your 4-way flashers on. They flash on and of for about 20 seconds...stop for a while, then come back on for about the same amount of time. it doesont matter if the truck is on or not. Also its not only the dash lights...sorry, taillights (really dim though) fog lights and front turn signals. anyone ever experienced this??? also my check engine light doesnt come on anymore....could that be the problem?? and lastly none of my gauges work....probably jsut a fuse havent checked yet.

any help would be appriciated.

ive tried to follow the clicking noise, found a few relays, disconnected them, and the truck stoped for a minute, then started over. thanks!!

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I rented a trailer from U Haul one time and had a short in it that kept blowing all kinds of random fuses in my truck...Check your fuses and try to find a shorted out wire somewhere.
that is bizarre. sounds like a relay may be getting stuck or something. sorry i can't be more help.
has your truck ever had an alarm on it? If so be prepared for a wiring nightmare :roll:
it had an alarm in it a few years ago....when i sunk the truck in arrowhead lake (TX) :bad: i had disconnect the alarm from my ignition and a few other places....could it have just took a crap and thats whats causing my problems??
Id definately suspect the alarm wiring first.
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