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water in motor = no fun

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well I was home for a total of three hours and managed to suck water into my gf grand cherokee's motor. SO now I have to get her a new motor on top of everything else I have to pay for. I tried to flush the oil and everything but that didn't help. Still knocking like it's cool. SO I think she is just going to claim it on here insurance and I'm going to pay what ever I have to pay to get it fixed. Anyone have any ideas or know what I should do. I'm thinking a whole new motor at this point.
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Stop beating on {expletive} :bigthumb: . You should be able to get another motor for like 600
what are you talking about? That makes all kinds of fun. Now ya get to pull the motor, overhaul it and put it back together. Unless wrenching ain't fun to ya. Then yeah. your in world of hurts. :D:
they said it was "trail rated" i guess that means only gravel roads...oh wait that's what i was on...maybe next time i should slow down for deep puddles...
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