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very confused about my batteries

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ok so about a year ago I noticed that my engine was getting hard to start, like maybe the battery was going dead on me from using my winch all the time. So this last summer when I was home on leave, I installed a dual battery kit from NWwrangler. I absoultly love the kit. I also installed 2 brand new tractor series batteries. but by the end of my vacation, I was basically having to slave both batteries together just to get the motor to turn over. I have tried to think of what It could be and wasnt sure what a starter would do if it started going, or if maybe I weakened my alternator somehow. Also the battery guage reads right at 13 when at idle. Thanks for the input
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could possibly be a high voltage drop on the wire that goes from positive turminal on the battery to the b post of the starter. if you have a not so good starter it may have a slow crank speed to it to. but to realy fined out you just need to find a way to test the starter.
Would that also explain why my batteries seem to be dead after sever starts? After several starts, even with running the engine for long periods of time, it seems like they arent getting the proper charge. Is my stock alternator sufficent to charge 2 large batteries, or should I think about upgrading?? Thanks
it could be a voltage regulator issue i had one of those go bad and it would eather over charge or not charge. not sure if the regulator would be internal or external on your altinator. and on size i couldn't tell you if you had to small of altinator to charge up the two batteries. but the altinator should be putting out between 12.5-13.5 volts if its operating right.
What i would do is make sure your batteries are good way it sounds they dont want to hold a charge. or i would look at the altinator to see if its doing what it should be doing. to cheak these autozone can do it if you trust them or if you now someone who works in a shop that has a vat machine they should be able to test both in less then half an hour or so.
Thanks, I will try that as soon as I get home. If it is the Alternator, what would be a good one to go with as a replacement. I have a 12000lb winch, dual batteries, and a series of electrical gadgets in the cab.

thanks again for all the input.

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