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upgrade ignition

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what is the purpose of getting a upgrade ignition system?
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which one would start a better fire, a BIC or a flamethrower, same principle, you put less resistance in the flow of the electricity to your plugs and you up the power and get a bigger spark. your truck will run better, have better acceleration, and could improve your mileage and its usually heavier duty and more reliable than stock ignition.
what year and make vehicle ya talking about?
its a 93 gmc sonoma 2.8L 2wd
so is it actually worth me buying one and adding one to my truck is the question really?

I know its a small engine but I am really looking into performance upgrades.
NOTHING CAN HELP A 2.8, im sorry man, those motors are pretty much throw aways, the cranks are soft and they are notorious for locking up, trust me, i had one do it to me in a s10. :sorry: :sorry:
I dont think you really need a aftermarket ignition till you start turn the motor at some high rpms such as 6500 or higher on older vechicles or if you have coil on plug then i wouldn't even consider it.
hmmm I havent heard that much bad about them. I plan to keep the body if there is still no rust if the motor goes out. If its still good I would consider maybe 3.4L for my next motor. most people I know have 2.2L in thier trucks when they go mudding
DUDE IF YOUR GONNA PUT A MOTOR IN IT, PUT A 4.3, you are gonna waist your money if you dont cause everything you can do to a 305 or 350 you can do to a 4.3, i got one on the engine stand for my s10 that makes between 325 to 350 horses
ya but a 350 you can just have a carb and call it a day and a lot of used performance parts dixie
you can put a carb on a 4.3 too but i'd do a 350
the motor hasnt died yet so I will use it along with the other stuff I do have. I like the gas mileage from it but the acceleration is very slow. I will see when it does go out what it takes to drop a 350 into it.
ya but the 3,4 bolts right up to his tranny nice and easy swap.
if your gonna do a 3.4, do a 3.8 out of a camaro and it is a direct bolt up and makes more power.
arent 3.8L rare? I have heard of very few that are around
get a hemi my friend :):
I am a poor college student I was going to look into dodges but my funding was low and still is. I was just thinking of ideas for christmas.
Ya i have 97 chevy k1500 with 5.7 how would i go about steppin up my ignition with msd off road kit?
any help appericated
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