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I'm thinking of building a truggy out of my 92 Ford Explorer rather than junk it. The body is so bad it's just not woth reparing.

I've built many VW based buggies but never a truggy.

What I need is some input from some of you truggy builders on whether this is a good base to start from??????????????????????????????????????

Body is rusted but the frame is solid. I have fabrication skills to build a tube chassis if recommended.

4.0 V6 runs strong

Diffs are good

Tranny needs rebuild.

Your input is appreciated.

Thx, Gonzo


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how much can you spend? what do you want to build it for?

I think it would be a great vehicle to build a smaller truggy, but when you say the body is rusted and not worth fixing, I tend to think there won't be any good pieces to use. If the drivetrain is good, build it as is with the stock frame.

My opinion is that you will outspend your budget too quickly if you try to start with something like a tube frame. Build it cheap with what you have, wheel it, then cut the pieces out you don't like and go from there. Too many guys have started projects never to finish them. :nono: Get it done and get it wheeling before you start redoing things.
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