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truck running too hot

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hey guys, i have had this problem for a while but i never got around to finding out why or anything so here it goes. i swapped in a 180 t-stat and ever since then when i start me truck it will warm up to about 210 ish and then it will settle back down, but only to about 195ish-200. do you think it is sticking or something? should i replace the t-stat again with a new one cause that one might of been screwed up or something? it is just annoying cause i have to watch it to make sure that the temp comes back down after it warms(overheats a bit) up. what you guys think?
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I think you put in what the book calls for. My last truck needed to have a 210 degree one. That way the engine get hot enough to burn off any condencation in the crank case.

If it overheats with the one the book calls for, then you have other problems..maybe cap.
either you got the wrong t-stat, have it in wrong, or have air pockets in the cooling system.

open the radiator cap (when cold obviously) and crank the truck. If you don't have a thermostat, just have someone sit in the truck and watch the temp gauge.
periodically (every 30 seconds to 1 minute) rev the engine a little (2000 rpms). When the coolant level starts going down while reving the engine the t-stat is open.

This will tell you at what temp the tstat opens. That will help in determining if it's the t-stat or air in the cooling system.
thanks chizzle i will try that out.
if you mud your truck check your radiator i was having problems where it would get to warm so i changed thermos stats and flushed it finally pulled the radiator and held it up to the light and only about a 1/4 was clear so i pressure washed it and it has not had a problem since and i thought it was clean since i always washed it off after mudding
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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