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Transmission problems!!!

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Ok, well today i was getting in my truck backed down my drive way and was going to go to my friends house. i had a little trouble getting it into 2nd (granny 4 speed) but then when i went to shift to 3rd, it was grinding like a :cuss: so i stoped and tried to start from a stand still again. i had even more trouble getting into 2nd then i it started grinding even when i got it in there and i was going down the road and there is no way it was gonna go into 3rd. what the heck is up? please help me! :baby:
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Sounds like your throw out bearing has gone bad. How does the clutch feel is it still stiff or does it have slop in it? You may have a bad slave cylinder or just low fluid.
even if the throwout bearing is bad it should still slide into gear (2nd or 3rd) without even touching the clutch.

is the tranny full? usually grinding while trying to shift is a sign that the synchronizers have went south
never mind i am just plain :poke: stupid, i didn't check the clutch fluid(it was totaly empty) sorry guys :twak:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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