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Transfercase problems

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well soo i think!

(sorry so long)

Heres the deal, the people that put in the DTT in my 98 12V, didn't fill back up the transfercase after it was installed. When i bought the truck, 4X4 worked fine, so i thought. After about 4 months i was goofing around, and put it in 4x4 and got a truck jaring CLUNK. So i open the transfercase and NO FLUID! we pulled it out, and tore it apart, and everything was fine. (i was amazed considered it had ben a wile w/out fluid). Went for another testdrive and still clunking. Opened front axle, and everything is working correctly. (ring and pinion not missing teeth, and the coller that slips over axle shafts is working perfectly also) We put a heavy weight transfercase fluid in it and it seemed to fix it.(this was 6 months ago) Now it is getting close to snow season so i figured i would check 4x4 again. Well the clunk is no where what it use to be, but it comes back everyonce in a wile in 4x4 (completly random) My only thought is that the chain is skipping. Should i tear it apart again, and check the chain. Maybe try a different fluid? what else can i check? I REARLY drive in 4x4, so it is not a HUGE deal, but when i need 4x4, i NEED IT! thanks in advance

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What kind of fluid did you put in there?

I once drained the Amsoil ATF out of my old truck for routine maintenance (NP231 tcase) and filled it back up with Mobil 1 ATF.

The tcase would not stay in 4HI, once I gave it some gas it would pop right back out. I also 'clunked' hard when trying to engage the lever.

I bought some cheap Mopar ATF+3 (what the tcase called for) and filled it up. I ran the truck in 4WD for about 10 mintes and drained it back out.

I then reinstalled Amsoil ATF and the tcase (to this day) worked great.

Check to make sure what tcase you have and then checn to see what fluid type that specific tcase calls for. I was quoted like $600 for a tcase rebuild and I flushed the tcase myself for $50 and it worked great.
Yeah i dont remember what fluid we put in there, but it was a very HEAVY weight. I know FOR SURE it was a fluid that was alright for dodge transfercases tho. Only thing is it goes into 4x4 perfect, and back out perfect. my clunk is while it is in 4x4. I will try flushing it again, and maybe moving to a little lighter fluid, but the heavyier fulid seemed to help?

Alright, well i Flushed my transfercase today, and took her for another testdrive and the clunk is STILL there. It seemed to get a little better, but definatly still there. Anyone think of ANYTHING else? I still think the chain is skipping but im not forshure. I guess she will be in the shop tomorow and i will be removing the tcase and tearing it apart! :shoot: :cuss: :wall:
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