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Toys with full size running gear

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I want to see more pictures of toyota's with full width axles. Anyone here have any? Here is one my friend sent me...
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Just an FYI: my roommates comanche, with fullwidth (67") axles, 16.5x8.25" 4.25" bs wheels, was the same width as my 4runner with stock width (55") toyota axles with 15x10 2" BS wheels.

Both trucks were 75".

Some food for thought.
So I guess your rig has really offset wheels or has wheel spacers? full size chevy stuff is around 11" wider than toyota. I want my toy to be really wide so I have alot more stability, But I'm sure it will end up being towed behind one of my other 4x4s to the trails.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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