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tow hooks on 2wd

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anybody know where to mount the front mopar tow hooks?
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Isn't the front of the frame on the 2WD the same as the 4WD? They bolt to the front crossmember and the frame horns where the bumper bolts up. Shouldn't be any different.
You only have to drill one 1/2" dia hole for each hook in the the crossmember. Yes it can be bent if you pull on it, but the main support is at the frame horn where the bracket mounts with the bumper mounting bolts. There are 3 bolts on the crossmember on each side to help stiffen up the front end and stop any twisting of the hook and bracket when pulling on the hook.

I have pulled very hard on on my tow hooks, even used my hi-lift on them to change a tire, without any problems.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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