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Maybe its just me but I eat alot of tortillas and yes i am whit. It seems that Even when i cook i think of how i can eat it later as a burrito :rotfl: Who knows lol
Just sorta seeemed strange to me :bigthumb: So who else eats alot of tortillas?
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Dude I eat tortillas like there's no tomorrow...there's nothin like the fresh homeade ones at a good mexican food restaurant....mmm mmm :drool:

I also put anything and everything in a tortilla for an instant meal. :bigthumb:
Good i thought i might be poncho villa reincarnated :rotfl: but yeah instant meals as you priorly stated. nuthin like a red chile pork annd refried bean burrito :bigthumb:
watch it, they will put a spare tire on ya.
ehh {expletive} it, chorizo con huevos, y papas para breakfast, everyday.
guess what I stock pile them with salsa up here in college good food for munchies
yummmmm I'm getting hungry just reading this :D:
Plate, then tortilla, layer of fiesta mix grated cheese, then tortilla, then layer of fiesta mix grated cheese.
Microwave. Melt. Fork. Eat. :bigthumb:
I miss the good ones we had in San Antonio. In Lubbock there isn't crap for mexican food.
I work at a Tex-Mex resturant, so yes I eat a ton of them.
On 2005-12-05 18:01, chicnbronco wrote:
yummmmm I'm getting hungry just reading this :D:

Are you stalking me? :baby:
or in english, i like tortillas with eggs, sausage, red and green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, salsa, sourcream.
On 2005-12-05 20:33, cummins4x4 wrote:

Are you stalking me? :baby:
? No- Why? You feel like a rockstar or something? :rotfl:
My wife is from Houston, and she makes'em by hand!!
I am one large happy ****** :bigthumb:
for a real quick snack i just roll up a slice of cheese and sour cream in it, nuke it and eat :):
On 2005-12-06 13:56, chicnbronco wrote:
? No- Why? You feel like a rockstar or something? :rotfl:
i mightif not will you lol :rotfl:
I thought that I was the only one who put anything and everything in a tortilla.

If you run out of hot dog buns, wrap the hot dog in a tortilla. Or one I learned during elk hunting is a peanut butter and jelly tortilla sandwich.


I use my quesadilla maker every day. fiesta blend cheeze, add sliced ham or whatever leftovers you got in the fridge and WALAH! so much better than microwaving stuff.. ultimate bachelor food. :bigthumb:

yeah I go thru tortillas like DRED does coffee tables :rotfl:

trick with the quesadilla maker is put 1 tortilla down then put cheeze and toppings on one half of it, fold it in half and do same with the other side.. this way you dont have to slice the quesadilla, you just grab it and eat it... WORD. best $18 gift my momma ever gave me
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On 2005-12-01 21:44, NickM wrote:
watch it, they will put a spare tire on ya.

too late
my old place was 3000ft from a Tia Rosa factory. I smelled tortillas almsot everyday, all day.
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