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torque converter lockup issue

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I've noticed my torque converter won't lock up about 75% of the time it normally would now and I've taken a huge hit in gas mileage from 14-15 to about 10-12 :bluecry: . I'm going to check the TPS and tranny fluid this weekend when I get home from school, is there anything else I should look for? thanks
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I think there is a servo that locks it up. PM Joe, he knows a lot about the trannys.

You TPS acting up will cause issues. I forgot to plug mine in once and, among other things, the TC would not lock up at all. Try different throttle positions and see if it does it at certain points. Usually a TPS will develop a 'dead spot' in it.
It was bad for a while, and yesterday it got worse. It would not lock up at all. The only time I could get it to lock up would be every once in a while after flooring it then staying at 70-75 and most of the time that didn't even work. My town is filled with empty backroads that I usually cruise on at about 55 and about 1400-1500 rpms. Lately at that speed I'm turning 1750-1950 which is where I think my drop in mileage is coming from. I know I had a small leak from my tranny pan, about 1-2 drops a week. So I'm really hoping that the fluid is just low and I'll just drop the pan, get a new gasket and call it a day. Also, whats involved in replacing the TPS? Never done that before. Thanks alot
It could be cause its cold out, and t/c will not lock up until the tranny warms up to a certain temperature. If you don't drive long distances it will seem like the t/c doesn't lock up, because the tranny isn't got time to warm up.
thanks wickedakota, it was freezing and snowing here yesterday, but I drove for about 45 minutes straight once and still wouldn't lock up :wall:
the TPS is an easy 5 minute fix. It takes a torx bit (don't know the number) to remove the 2 screws that hold it on. if you want to test before replacement, and you have access to a multimeter, hook to the points and set you multimeter for ohms. Resistance should change as throttle moves. if you find a spot that reads open or doesn't change, then replace the TPS.

It's about $30 if i remember correctly at most parts houses.

edit: I would hold off dropping the pan until you find out if you need to replace anything. Just check the fluid hot & idleing in park. if you have to add, cycle it from R to D (slowly) a couple times to get the fluid circulated.

by the way: do you have bubbles or debris in your fluid on the dipstick?
Take a coffee filter or some TP and let a couple drops hit it, then look and see if there are any particles after the fluid disperses.
thanks chizzle, I do have a multimeter and I'll check that and the fluid when I get home, stupid college won't let me park here.
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