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took some pics of my bronco today. huntin rig

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Here she is.. 79 bronco 6" lift 35x12.50 x-terrains detroit in the back. LOTS of on board storage, deer feeder out back and 8000?lbs winch i think it is. custom bumpers also


just a huntin rig for right now, also got an old cj ill get pics of next time im down.

hopefully later down the road she will be all mine and will be huge!
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Not bad! you have any more pics of the front bumper. that thing looks like it sticks out 5ft :rotfl: that would make one nice hunting rig though! :bigthumb:
ill get some more tomorrow if your interested! its made so we can slide seats down in the front slots and you have somewhere to put your feet ya know? its cool i like it and its sturdy as hell. we run over whatever we want out there haha damn south texas brush
yea i was thinkin it had a reason, like seats or to haul gear etc. but looks good!
yea and the occasional "throw a huge deer on the front".. you know
Looks pretty cool! :bigthumb:
Is the back of the cab sealed off? Looks good. :bigthumb:
First thing I thought of when I saw the front bumper was that you have to be from texas. Some reason it just popped into my head.
yea the cab is sealed. not sure exactly what its called cause my dad did it before i got into trucks.. that was when i was into little fast cars... OVERRATED
its ok, alot of guys have a period in their lives when they have manhood problems, nice rig by the way
The truck looks awesome. I don't know if I would like driving with that thing on the front though... I would end up hitting someone at a stop sign or something.
it slides out but we dont ever drive it on the street. i did right when i got it but now its just a hunting rig.
I'd register it and drive it on the roads,I don't see why not? It is a legal truck.
i drove it for alittle while but i dunno i have my truck now so idont really need the bco here. i may drive it later in the future
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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