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Took another deer!!!(now with Pic)

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Well I finally got my first offical buck, 7 pointer with about a 18 inch spread. He was a nice sized buck, seven points and around 220lbs. Thats pretty big for down here Alabama. Thats the forth one of the season, and we still have over a month left to kill at will. When I get the pics back I'll post em.


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:withstupid: what he said, how long did it take to drag it out?
Not to bad.Walked back to the house, grabbed the 4wheeler, took a couple minutes to drag it onto the wheeler, but once I got it up there, about a minute drive to my backdoor.

Took them all 100 yards from the house.
..........of the deer please.

Doug :bigthumb:
my digi cameras broke, but got them on reg camera, going to get them developed soon.
Damn it. Everyone who has shot a deer this year sucks. I have been going quite a bit and I still havent seen {expletive}. We know that they are there but we dont see them. :wall: :wall:
I havent seen anything bigger than a 4-5 pointers.
i went out 1 day for about a total of 4 hours, cold, no snow and wind blowing about 30 mph.
i sat in a tree stand for 7 hours one day acouple of years back out on one of my friends properties, and i didnt see anything but birds and an armidillo. on the way out i saw 3 doe and a young buck run across the road... :kicknuts: :slap:
the deer in florida aint worth shooting, ive seen poodles bigger than them.
Still have a month to shoot'em? wish our seasons were that long. we have a little over a week :shock:
unless your bow hunting then you have a month.
Took another doe tonight....she's not all that big, but with the new deep freezer, I'll throw the meat in with the rest of em. It's so nice to have learned how to completely process the deer myself.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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