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While out yesterday I got some pictures of one of the main 5 local areas where trucks are almost always seen. This is behind the Trooper station on SR-405 About 3 miles West of the Kennedy Space Center. It's got multiple trails that lead back between trees, some going to more sand, others to small lakes/mud. There's a main lake in the center that is only 3'6" at the center, and a lot of sand that varies in roughness/softness. I've yet to get my truck stuck here, but I normally scout out the area first because if I go through anything too thick I'm a goner. I'll try to get some pictures of my truck in action here, and the other 4 main places [Tico Airport, Whispering Woods Lakebed, McDonnel Douglas Field, and Playlinda Beach]
Here's a taped-together panorama:

Not positive how to get the image to work, try looking here [second pic]
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