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I accidentally posted this in dodge 4x4...Ive been on here trying to figure this out for about 5 hours now. Im looking at getting the cragar black steel rims and some trxus mts 33x12.5. I have a 2001 2500 CTD. Ive heard that the steel rims will not rub on the brake calipers...Does anyone know if this is true or not? Also i would like my tires to stick about 1.5- 2.5 inches out of the fender what backspacing would put me in that area with 12.5 tires and 16 or 15x8 rims? I would like to run the 15inch rims if possible i just do not want them to rub and dont feel like grinding my calipers down.
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a 16x8 with 4" backspacing will put the tire out of the fender your inch to 1 1/2". I have 285's on 8" and do not have any rub at full lock on level gound. A true 12.50 may be a little closer to rubbing, but since you are asking about a 2500 (taller frame) I think it will be fine. Some people have said that the 2500's clear 35's.
forget the 15" wheel. go with the 16. Hell maybe even a 17" so that when you go even bigger, and need new brakes, you can upgrade to the 14" rotors from the 3rd gen trucks (bolts right up)
Im looking at the cragar rim and it has 4.5bs will that be alright? I need that nice looking stance from the tires sticking out..
Look in my album, I have 16.5x10 with4.5 backspacing, I like them, but without flares, they throw alot of {expletive}!
But the 10 inch wide rims make a big difference on how far the tires stick out right? Im afraid with the 8 inch rims and 4.5bs it might tuck them in a little far for my taste. Its unbeliveable how tough it is just to figure out one little thing...I guess that is what comes with being anal about my vehicle...
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