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tire kaput

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What is the minimum PSI i can run a 33 without beadlocks? My rear passenger side tire went flat overnight after I went wheeling. I had not re-inflated them since returning, and was going to do it the next morning when I washed it.

I took it in to have it plugged and they said they found a minute leak, but they said it is not large enough to deflate the tire that quickly, specially at the low of a psi.

I usually run 33 front 29 back when on the hardball, and 22 front 15 back when wheeling mud & rocks.
That sound about right?

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Yeah that sounds about right. I ran into the same problem u have with my jeep. a couple of tires would start loosing air for no apparent reason unless I pumped those babies up to about 35psi which made me think. There was mud/dirt between the rim and tire that wasn't allowing a good seal at low psi. At a higher psi, the tire forced itself against the rim and sealed up :D:
i used to run my 35x12.50 SSRs on 10" wheels at 12 psi offroad.
thanks, wanted to make sure i wasn't the only one with this problem.
Sounds like junk in the bead. I run my 35x14.5 PitBulls at 25psi front and 15psi rear for the road and I haven't had to reinflate them since I mounted 'em a few months ago. oh, and I check my pressure once a week.

I have gotten sticks stuck in the bead and when you rip em out sometimes they fall apart in to really tiny pieces that get lodged like splinters. Look around the bead and see if anything sticks out. You can also inflate the tire and spray it with some soapy water and see if you get any air bubbles.
Once it stops snowing I will take a look at them. They are holding fine since I re-inflated them to 30 front 20 back.

I am about due for some new tires anyway...and with the prices the local tire dealers are charging, I'm thinking about ordering a tire/wheel combo.

The local tire shop wanted $1100 for 4 33x12.5x16 BFG Mud Terrain!! I only paid $750 for the set I have now, granted that was 4 years ago...but still.

I will look on

Anybody got a good link on tires?
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