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Tie rod end help

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I was reinstalling everything after changing my u joints and went to put my tie rod back on knuckle side. I was tightening the nut up and the tie rod end spun also. Does that mean my tie rod ends are bad?
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No not really. A lot of times the threads get junk in them and the end will spin when putting the nut back on a used one.
I usually just push the end into the spindle while tightening the nut. An impact gun really helps here to get the nut run down without the end spinning.
I tried cleaning out the threads but i guess that could still be the problem. How can I check the ends to see if they are bad?
Does the stud/ball pull up or feel really loose within the socket. If it does the end is normally bad.
thats not uncommon even in brand new rod ends. Take your floor jack and put a little pressure on it to hold it up in the socket and tighten it down...
otherwise if you dont want to use a floor jack, use a pry bar in the same sense to put pressure on it and run the nut down on it
the floor jack works much easier though
Thanks guys, I jacked up on the tie rod and had no trouble tightening it up.
I might be missing something here, but why did you pull the tie rod to change Ujoints?? Did you do balljoints also?
:withstupid: guess i'm confused unless you pulled the entire knuckle out for some reason.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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