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throwin a few codes

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hey guys, wonderin if you can help me with a few codes on my 01' CTD

these are the ones its showin
P 1693

P 0522
P 0230

any of you guys have any idea what these are? im pretty sure the P 0522 is the oil pressure sending unit, the gauge has been acting funny, the others im not sure of, any help would be greatly appreciated :bigthumb:
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P1697 A companion DTC was set in both the ECM and PCM.

P0522 Engine Oil Pressure/Switch Low Voltage.

P0230 Fuel Pump Primary Circuit Malfunction.

The P0230 code sets when the ecm sees a voltage out of range on the ground circuit that terminates at the ECM. The lift pump can fail in two common fashions. Loss of psi/volume which is a mechanical prob that won't have a code, or the electrical part of it (motor) that will show up as an out of range voltage. Could be wiring (or connection at pump or if its been unpluged), but most of the time the motor in the pump is giving up.
awesome thank you, i actually just replaced my lift pump last week cause it was just about dead, can i clear the code myself? also what is this companion thing? lol, sorry but im still fairly new to these motors
P1693 is the code telling you that there is a code.
You can clear the codes if you have a scanner. If not i think Pep boys will do it for free from what Iv heard.
cool, thank you dozer you've been a huge help, you are the man of the hour :bigthumb:
Glad i could help. :D:
Just disconnect your battery for a few minutes and it will clear the codes. Nothing to it. As far as the P1693, I would just see if it comes back. If it does, start figuring it out then.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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