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These gauges worth it?

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ATM-7095 $307.95
its got tranny,exhaust,boost


I just found it as a combo figured you might save money and if i could find 10% off promo, or can i get a better deal somewhere else,from summit.
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Those are good gauges, ran them in my 01 without issue.

Summitt is great to deal with, but if you're on a tight budget Jegs is usually a bit cheaper.

I tend to like to buy from smaller vendors or site sponsors than the nationwide outfits though.

Might want to get a 60psi boost gauge too.

[edit] I just looked and if you buy everything seperate you save about $35bucks. Considering all you're getting is the gauges pushed into the pillar which takes about 30 seconds, I'd j ust buy 'em seperate.
I didn't have time when i checked them out to compare to seperate pricing, if any vendor on this site can give me a good deal shoot me a pm or email me @ [email protected] i would too rather give my support to them and help the site.

quick question, with the pyro, i have found gauges that include the thermocouple, what else do you need with the pyros?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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