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well just got back from a good night in the snow. frist got a call from the lill cuz he was suck in a ditch ford tempo . easy pull.
on the way home lill cuz calls i was thinking he in agan but nope he just passed a blazer upside down in a bigger ditch it was on the way home so i had to go look at it . got there and yep it was on the roof . for the people that live in MI was on telegraph . a major road
the guy was ok so i asked him if i should give it a try and try to save him some money. he was up for it . hooked the strap to his frame had a buddy show up and block the cars all 4 lanes stoped got lined up gave a lill pull to get the strap tight . was in 4HI just to see if i could budge it and yep it moved. so just keep on the gas. got it up on the road on it side now what to do hell give it a lill pull should flip right over right .NOPE pulled the thing down the road a good 30 yards . i was lost how to get it back over . the owner yelled to put it back in the ditch . the way the road run had a side road come in to it so i turned my truck onto that road juat as the front of the blazer hit that ditch fliped back on it wheels . so i unhooked the strap and the cops show up and i was thinking this is good but ined up knowing the cop told him that just pulling him out .
so jeff left . lined up and pulled it out we poped the hood pulled the pluges . i could not get over how much oil was in the cilnders . cleaned the plugs cranked it over blew oil every where put the pluges back in started right gota love chevy.smoked like hell after a few cleaned right up . i would have never guessed that in 4 HI i could have done it . LETS JUST SAY I LOVE MY RAM but the damn thing no cam ugh

so yep it was a good night lol
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