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The New Johnny Ram *PICS*

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Here are the latest pics.


Still alot of Body work, brakes, steering, ladder bars, subframe, and drivetrain to do, but it is coming along well. should be done spring 2006.


Heres My website (I'm building this site as we type so please bear with
Click on the trail pic to enter, then click on the dealie next to "PICS"
Then you can browse and listen to a random tune each time.



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thats thing gonna be sweet when your done
good job :bigthumb:
Looks great! I'd definately put some material between those shackles though. Or better yet build some new ones out of 1/2" plate. I bent those AutoZone special shackles in a couple weeks on my (light) SUV. One taco'ed. I'd keep an eye on them if you decide to run them.
Hell Yea! Lookin great man! :bigthumb: :bigthumb: Fawkin bad a$$ video to there!
Thanks, Y'all. More to come when i get tires and wheels.


I am definately going to keep an eye on them, I have run them on my own vehicles before and was pretty happy with them.

I am anxious to see how they hold up, I am working on a better set for the future.

I still have to finish the rear shackle mounts for the front springs, they are make do for now so it can set on its own while I work. At the advice of a friend I am going to drill the frame and put a 1/4" wall tube through it for the top bolt to go through for the top of the shackles.

I hope to have it driving and digging holes this spring.

I CANT WAIT!!!! :smile1:



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Great looking build up!! What size and kind of tires are you planning on going with?? And what type of offroading are you planning??

Glad to see your project is finally underway. I can't wait to see it when it is finished. :bigthumb:
Plan on running 52 inch michelins, but I have to find some wheels and tires for cheap as possible,

I would be willing to go down to 46 or 49 inch tires if they came with wheels that bolt up to the Rockwells.

I plan on throwing alot of mud and all around trail riding(the trails it'll fit

I cant WAIT to get it finished, but Money is the root of all delays, it seems.

I was able to find a set of 52's for 300 for 6 of them (really Good) but the wheels are hard to find as yet, I need the 20 ' military rims they use in the army, but they got to bolt up to the 2 1/2 ton axles :wall:

Soon as I find them and get up the money, I can get it done, cause the rest is mostly fabrication.

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Looking good. Where do you plan to wheel it at? May have to make a trip to AL and see this thing run.
I got to find some places....Not too many here around Huntsville, AL that I know of. I have lived here for 5 years, but some of that was Army time, so Ive really onle lived here about a year, and JR has been down that whole time.

I know I want to hit the annual Mud Bogs in Alexandria, LA at least once, but I am working on getting a tow rig and trailor for that, till then I have a few local holes but nothing worth going to really.

Any Ideas?

Used to wheel alot in Red Sands on Montana BLVD in EL Paso, TX when I was stationed there, Got some good pics of JR about 5 feet in the air, but they arent digital, Heres one I took of the picture, below. Thisone was on the way down from an approximate height of 5' 6".

Right now I just need wheels and tires before It'll even roll.



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Damn. You're a brave soul for jumping it that high. Dobi and Deuce said something about the Milledgville park over in GA. We may have to get together and see how it is. Hopefully in the spring, mine will either be trail-worthy, or I'll have something that will be.
I guess you and I are in the same boat, Huh?


I will be researching places that can handle my truck, there is a place near nere but it was made for jeeps, might be a little tight But the GA run sounds awesome. If I got my tow vehicle and JR is done by then Im with you.

Build up is looking killer JR.... :bigthumb: Keep up the good work man!! Can't wait to see it done!
lookin good man keep us posted :bigthumb:
Any thing new? it looks sweet still, keep us posted!
waiting for tax returns for fundage...

Till then not much to show, unfortunately, but Just made some extra money on a trip for work, so I will apply that to the funds.

Thanks, Yall! :bigthumb:





Those shackles are just placeholders, I intend to beef them up QUITE a bit before I'm done, I have 1/2 inch steel in mind...

Kind of gives you an idea what JR will look like when done.

Really coming along now!

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come on now ..... why would you try and move that thing like that, your asking for problems

are the front hangers for the rear spring going to get a drop bracket?
Hey, You use what you have. I had to turn it around and get it into the carport so this was the only way: out to the road, turn around, and back into the driveway.

I knew exactly what I was doing and endangered nothing.

Safety measures were in place 100 percent of the time and no one was hurt killed or maimed.

If I had a choice, I would have 2 more wheels and wouldnt have to do it that way.


Yes, I am designing and fabbing up the spring hangers and the ladder bars as we type, and it is not even close to being done, just recognizable as a truck. :bigthumb:

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