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Strange roads.
I was caught in the backup of a truck accident. Poor bastard probably went to sleep and drove into the forest. Actually, what looks like forest is cleared farmland on the other side.
After the short slowing for the accident I saw the accident and backup on the other side. Then I saw a line of stopped vehicles stretching out out of sight. Caused by .... they were painting the road.
The pictures represent me driving for 15 minutes at 65 MPH. That is how long government caused the problem.

Oakland, California boasts about their "signature bridge" but St Louis has this.

That's as close as I cared to get to the landmark.

Free Range Food.

How a farmer can always profit. Pump oil also.

Reckon what kind of grain was in that silo.

The accident on my side. He went off just before the railing and the tractor is behind the tree over the back window of the Sheriff's Police Interceptor, facing us.

Soon after the accident on my side, this. I don't know what happened.

Shrinks call it; Situational Power. I reckon the people in the miles long backup call it something else. The truck was painting lines.

Conspiracy people will say that transporting a Stryker is proof of ....

I got bored and took a picture to my right. .... ;)

Remember, I'm doing 65 for all these boring pictures. And these aren't all the photos.

It's 90 degrees hot. Hope their air conditioners worked and they had lots of fuel.

What the people in the backup said. — in Marshall, Kentucky.
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