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The Emo Song.

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:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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i want the cd
Now I don't know about the rest of you, but the first I heard of it was through someone here at work. Emo? WTF is that? Then some girl at a party was like, "Oh. It's where guys wear girls pants and paint their fingernails black, and they have long hair that covers one eye." And to top it all off, she thought it was super-sexy. ????????? Maybe I'm "old" at 22, but the only time I heard of guys being "sexy" in tight pants, was when they were wearing wranglers. :dunno:
Reminds me of Boy George! Anyone remember that crack?
haha that stuff is soo dumb, i cant see why people do it. great, you hate your dad and cut your you still hateyour dad and your wrist is bleeding
Yeah emo is short for emotional. Kind of a genre of music i guesse you can say, Pretty fricking gay. I was a concert kid growing up and you;d get these kids comming around here and there wow what {expletive}s. GIrls pants are made for girls who even came up with this?
I still like how they say.. Well if you had the drama that I have in my life....


You make drama for yourself so you can feel bad and hate the world and make it seem like they own you something. Every time I see those people I laugh... its really funny.

hhahahahahahahhaa holy {expletive}! that's absolutely hysterical!! wow! :bigthumb:
hahaha they soo different and have so much problems in their life MUHAHAHHA yet they have 20friends just like them. i bet they are upper middle class kids with to much time on their hands. Pick up a football and get some sun u losers! :rotfl: they crack me up not only do thye look dumb but they think its different.
Wow, weird. When I was in high school all you had was just jocks and burn-outs, ...and they all smoked pot together!

yeah, there were a couple wanna-ba goths running around and a band of inbred Italian {expletive}s that thought they were a gang, but that was pretty much it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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