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The Michael Shatto BIG Trip (5/16 to 8/2 - 2016)
Norma introduces Mike to the world of art and culture

I had a superb guide when I was in San Antonio.
Norma is the close friend of a close friend of mine from Ethiopia and she was kind enough to share her time with me.
I am better for being with her.

We looked up on the sides of old buildings and saw faces. — in San Antonio, Texas.

Catholics will know. But the rest of us will not unless we go in and look. And ask.
This was carved from a single chunk of wood. Hundreds of years ago. — in San Antonio, Texas.

Norma got me looking at the mix of colors and textures and architectural styles.

Like Sister Wendy, but considerably more attractive and fun, Norma encouraged me to look closely as she told the stories of the art works.

So I appreciated the details and what made this place special. — in Terrell Hills, Texas.

So, when I left Norma, I was still interested in dog-clouds but I did have a deeper appreciation of what an artist was trying to convey. — at Walmart Marble Falls.

So, when I got to Fort Worth, I figured I had to go to a Museum. Unfortunately, no photos allowed inside.
But this is a stunning sculpture. — in Fort Worth, Texas.

Norma suggested the Amon. — in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the Amon, I found artwork I recognized and like. — in Fort Worth, Texas.

Then I discovered other art that caught my fancy

As the battery tires the photos get grainy and out of focus. Sorry, because the whole thing is a painting.

Really good art conveys the personality. — in Fort Worth, Texas.

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You've been to more places in Texas than I have and I live here!
Well .............................. Since this is a car forum
Did you know that Henry Ford got the idea for his new and improved assembly line because he visited Fort Worth?
Very interesting state, Texas.
Little warm tho .... ;)
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