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My old round Browning float tube finally gave out on me two years ago. It was the real inner tube style that I had inflated partially before leaving but when I made it to the lake, the pressure change was so large that it burst the seams on the shell. I had only inflated it to like 4-5 psi at sea level. It surprised me how big the tube got at 7500ft. I thought I had it figured right, apparently not...

The new tube was given to me after that. Its also a Browning, but this is the "U" shaped Magnum model. its a whole lot easier to get into though.

Waders are Red Ball, as are the wading boots. I do not recall the mfg of the flippers.

Oh how I love having a pool sometimes (other times its just $$$ and work), no need to hit a lake just to make sure its working.

I do wish the waders were high back, but as long as I don't slouch my back stays dry.


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