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Tcase clanking

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I am getting a sort of a clanking noise from what I think is my tcase. Its goes along with driveline speed but only under a load usually. Its sounds similar to throwing an auto into park while moving,sort of a ratcheting noise. I replaced my front wheel joints, checked the gears, checked the axle tube bearings, and the cv on the dshaft. Everything seems fine. I even tried readjusting the lever on the tcase. Oh yeah and the fluid is fine too. The 4wd still works fine in hi or low it just makes some wierd noise when its under load. Is my tcase shot or what?

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does it feel like it is skipping gears? like does the truck slow down a bit when it does it?
No it feels normal. When I slow down in 4low it does it two because of the braking force of the engine.
just keep driving it until something falls out from under your truck, then you will know what is broken, haha just kidding. maybe have someone outside listen and see if they can tell where its coming from.
I have the same exact sound, rebuilt the driveshaft twice and even changed out the transfer case with another I had and I still have the sound. Even with changing it all out I still have the same sound coming from the front driveshaft/t-case area... Mine started doing it on a wheelin' trip to Rausch Creek earlier this year and hasn't gotten worse or better, driving me nuts tho' so if you find anything out I'd appreciate you posting it up...

I keep telling myself I'm gonna find time to take it to my tranny guy to look at BUT...
I get the same noise from mine. I can hear it when I have the truck under load, but is really noticable when coasting along in netrual. It started when the truck was under warranty. I took it back twice the second time they replaced everything but the case and it is still there. I jacked the back wheels off the ground put it in second gear and it was very noticable. :wall:
thats strange, one 2500 and two 1500s have the same noise, two auto transmissions and possibly and a manual. The transfer cases are different, the axles are different and the trannies are different, wonder what it could be? pretty strange if you ask me.
sounds to me like your radios are all broken..... turn that little knob up and all the dodge sounds will go away.
My flowmaster fixed that noise right up. :bigthumb:
Well I first thought it was the front end because it got worse when I was turning. But it was just from the "extra" load that the drivetrain gets when the tires are on pavement when doing so. I am going wheeling today going to see if I can break it. If I come back alive I am going to pull the tcase over xmas break and see if I can see wtf is going on in there. I also have a factory service manual and I was looking at the diagram to see if anything could be interfering with the chain in the tcase. I hate wierd noises :cuss:
When mine started to do it I thought it was my chain as well, but they said it looked fine. They did say they found some wear in the shafts so they just replaced them the first time but the noise stayed. Thought this might help.
my 94 1500 5spd does it. It started after getting some air at the beach. I rebuilt the front shaft, but it still clickity clacks...everything is tight. However my shaft at a small angle (10-12 degrees) rotates freely. when I increase the angle (20-25 degrees) to bolt it up to the yoke and try to rotate it, it has hard spots in it. it is not the CV binding either... its the shaft. I think what has happend to mine and the other peoples that clicks is that the part at the CV has gotten over bound (too much droop) and that it has slightly tweaked the CV cluster out of what just enough that it still functions however something isnt quite in line. I know on mine I had a terrible time to get the U-joints to fit in it.....they are a bitch anyhow to get together, but I mean the little clips that hold the u joint caps in would quite fit just right....something is definately just a little out of shape.
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